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Here you’ll find a selection of my artwork for sale. Most pictures are available as original paintings (until sold), limited edition giclee prints and cards. If you’d like to buy any of my pictures please call me, tel: 01305 824948 mob: 0797 398 5806 or   email: click for form

These animals are from a collection of 12 entitled ‘Whilst Out With The Dog’. The paintings are of creatures that have greeted me whilst walking my dogs around the Isle of Portland. All are named after people I know and respect from the island.

Original Art Work, Robin

Bren The Robin

Bren is a Robin who I see on a regular basis at Tout Quarry. I know it’s her as she is a particularly feisty Robin who hops fearlessly from rock to rock, chirping her alarm call until I’m eventually seen off.

Original Art, Bunny

Caroline The Bunny

Caroline is one of many underground mutton that my dogs love to chase along Inmosthay Quarry. The bunnies, who are quite used to my dogs useless endeavours to catch them, sit upon the grassy banks watching in disbelief. I’m sure I’ve heard them chuckling.

Original Art, Pigeon

Rosie The Pigeon

Rosie was looking down at me from where she was perched at Rufus Castle near Church Ope Cove. She was also keeping one eye on the Peregrine Falcon that was hovering nearby.

Original Art, Mackerel

Dave The Mackerel

Dave was a mackerel that my husband caught whilst paddling in his kayak just off Chesil Cove. So taken by Dave’s beautiful markings and colours, I sadly declined a portion of him for my dinner.