Business logo design for Start Ups: How we get going…

I’m always being asked how I would go about creating your logo, in a nut shell, processes can differ depending upon the clients needs but generally I would kick-off a logo design project with some good, quality conversations. I would aim to learn as much as possible about your company, it’s values and the way […]

Why Good Menu Design Is Vital & Not Just For Christmas!

I’m fortunate enough to have designed menus for a number of restaurants. I have enjoyed designing for all of my catering customers but one client that’s always great fun to work with is Mike and Sarah Calvert from Cheese & Alfie’s, Christchurch. It’s always a result when clients understand the importance of having a good […]

The Green Graphic Designer

I’m someone who is always ranting about the state of the planet and frustrates about how as a race we seem to so freely destroy our own environment but like many of us, I’m more than guilty of actually doing very little about it. Sure, I stick all the right things in all the right […]

Why You Need a Professional Logo Design

Hello and welcome to my website! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! Some days it will be about what I’m up to, where I’ve been and who I’ve been stuck with in a lift. Other days when I’m feeling intellectual I will discuss design issues and the importance of good design; sometimes […]