Thank you!!!

BeckyBlakeJust would like to say thank you to all of you who went to see my exhibition of Portland wildlife paintings, ‘Whilst Out With The Dog’. Your feed back was much appreciated, especially as it was so nice!

Well done to Cindy Lee Noble and her Burmese cat Soi, who won a Pet Portrait. I look forward to meeting them next week and getting started on the painting.  Soi’s portrait can be seen next month. Sorry to everyone else who entered, better luck next time.

I would also like to say a really big thank you (no, I haven’t won an Oscar) to Jackson Gallery, Portland for hosting  it. Jo and Mark you are lovely people and fortunately for me, mighty fine baristas!

No, the picture isn’t an April Fool my bottom really is that large.


  1. Cindy Lee Noble says

    I was fortunate and lucky enough to win the Pet Portrait Competition held at Jacksons Gallery during Becky’s Exhibition. Becky took time out to meet Mr Soi, my cat, listened to some history about him and somehow, captured his very soul in his painting. So much so, that the portrait seems to arrest every visitor as they walk over the threshold. I can’t begin to express how precious that is. It’s not just a representation of his physical likeness but of his character and then in turn, all the great memories we’ve shared. Priceless. Deep thanks.

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