Dave The Mackerell has made it!He’s in the Mall Gallery!!!!

Oh my days!!! Can’t believe it. Speechless! Dave The Mackerel has done it for Portland!!!! Hurray!!! He’s now being hung in the Mall Gallery, London here http://mallgalleries.org.uk/ and has been accepted by the Royal Society of Marine Artist’s

Thank you!!!

Just would like to say thank you to all of you who went to see my exhibition of Portland wildlife paintings, ‘Whilst Out With The Dog’. Your feed back was much appreciated, especially as it was so nice! Well done to Cindy Lee Noble and her Burmese cat Soi, who won a Pet Portrait. I […]

Dorset Horse Portraits

For those of you who have asked recently, Yes I do Horse portraits. Here is one I was commissioned to do as a Christmas gift this year.

Yes, I am now doing Pet Portraits!

At long last I have been persuaded to do some pet portraits. I always said I didn’t really fancy the idea but after constant requests I thought, why not give it a go. To my surprise, I’ve really enjoyed it! Creating an exact likeness of an animal is quite a challenge in its own right, […]