Why Small Business Design & Branding Is A Cost You Can Afford.

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I was lucky enough to receive a testimonial today which basically sums up why I’m a designer and why I love to help small start up businesses get off the ground.

‘I had a career change in September ’08. I wanted to change my life.
After two hard years, I qualified as a hairdresser in June 2010. I did everything you are meant to do as a self employed person, registered with business link, went to a well known Internet company to get business cards printed etc.
To say I lacked confidence was an understatement. I had the skills but was too nervous to promote myself fully and was too scared to make the final step of being self sufficient. I wanted to be a good role model for my children and felt I needed a push.
After a few months and a wedding fair with no bookings, I met Becky who suggested a logo and a proper branded image.  At first I was cynical as being a small start up I had a very small budget but Becky won me round by her special ‘Start Up’ prices.
I went for it! By letting Becky become my designer she took on board my business needs and desires. After professionally branding my company, she created my logo, business cards, vouchers, appointment cards and T-shirt.
It must have had to correct effect as that evening I did not stop tanning customers,making bookings and was even asked where my salon was!
By having my brand recognised and my logo created by Becky my company has been professionally represented and stands out from the rest. Most importantly my business identity has given me a new confidence which has grown along side with my business.
By the way, I now own my own salon!
Thank you so much Becky.’
– Joanne Shields – Lady Muck Hairdressing & Tanning

I’m approached often by small Start Up businesses requesting my help on what they need to look good and how to get noticed.
Most Start Ups have a lot to accomplish with small budgets and are often afraid of how much design will be. Fortunately, the shock they receive is from how little it can cost.  Extortionate prices that some studios charge have the potential to financially wipe out a Start Up before they’ve even got started.

I follow a strong working ethos of making good business design available to all who require it, not just those with large design budgets.

With my new special ‘Start Up Rates’, there’s no reason why any small business can’t look as good as those at the top.
Packages can be mixed and matched to work within any budget.
Usually starting with a logo, packages can be built up to suite all of your requirements such as Stationary, brochure designs, web design, vehicle wraps, character mascots, advertising,etc

As my client you will also receive;
Lots of free advice,consultations and support
Total commitment to your project with an excellent turn around
Special trade print prices that will be extremely competitive with usual retail costs.
As a returning client all of your future design costs will be charged at a trade rate.

Regardless of the size of your business or budget, I pride myself by always providing the same standard of work and enthusiasm.

Whether a mobile hairdresser or Vidal Sassoon you will receive the exact high standard of design, advice and support.

For more information on what I can give and impartial advice please contact me or come in for a chat over a coffee!

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