Yes, I am now doing Pet Portraits!

At long last I have been persuaded to do some pet portraits. I always said I didn’t really fancy the idea but after constant requests I thought, why not give it a go. To my surprise, I’ve really enjoyed it! Creating an exact likeness of an animal is quite a challenge in its own right, capturing the animal’s character as seen by their owner is another. I’ve discovered that the look of delight on the pet owner’s face when presented with the finished piece is rather fantastic so for that reason (and the money) I will developing my Pet Portraiture skills.

Due to existing work commitments I’m only doing thisExample of Pet Portrait for a limited period of time so if you’re ¬†interested in having an original painting of your four legged friend or think it may make the ideal gift for someone special, please get in touch soon.

Next up, humans. Watch this space…

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